Reflex Peptide Fusion

My absolute favourite protein blend is Reflex Peptide Fusion , I first tried it as I found it on offer and have never gone to any other blend since ! ...

Lonsdale Nutrition – Guest Po...

Lonsdale – How do they stack up? We all know the big names in the supplement and nutrition industry. Met RX, Matrix, Optimum Nutrition, Lonsdale. The...

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Gold Standard Nutrition Chicken Rev...

Being a Supplement review company we are a little out of our depth here in an almost food critic article , however when given the chance to try some G...


Procore by Ripcore Nutrition

Procore from Ripcore Nutrition is a time released protein blend that contains a massive 8 differnt protein sources. I have been using the strawberr...

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Reflex Peptide Fusion

My absolute favourite protein blend is Reflex Peptide Fusion , I first tried it as I found it on offer and have never gone to any other blen...



Reflex Progen MRP Review

We have been trailing Reflex Progen for the last couple of days between afternoo...

Reflex Peptide Fusion

My absolute favourite protein blend is Reflex Peptide Fusion , I first tried it as I found it on offer and have never gone to any other blend since !

PF is an equal 33:33:33 blend of egg white ,whey protein and micellar casein .This has the benefit of providing you with a sustained release of protein over a period of time , the whey digests quick ,the egg has a medium rate and the casein will provide slow release.
this makes this shake perfect for any time of day. Personally I use it with breakfast , post workout and at night.

19.5g protein a scoop means that most will probably go with a double scoop for general use but even so this shake works out at a pretty decent price. You will be looking to pay between £40 and £60 for a 2.1kg(84scoops) tub. At the GNC I work at we currently have it on offer for just over £39 which is an amazing offer! it sells out every week we get a delivery!

When it comes to flavour Reflex do provide a good variety , of which I have tried chocolate ,mint-choc,strawberry and choc peanut butter.
Despite taste being largely personal preference its always good to have a recommendation to start you off. I would say both strawberry and chic peanut butter are awesome tasting ! I use the strawberry with everything from oats to peanut butter and even with eggs ! I recently purchased a 2 scoop shake of the PB variation from my gym and ever since then i have been hooked and I would definitely say it was my favourite!
The choc and choc-mint are a bit weird tasting if you have them on their own as a shake but when combined with PB or oats they aren’t too bad.

There we go then , my favourite protein at the moment ! Please tell me what you think of it and recommend flavours to help others out !


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Lonsdale Nutrition – Guest Post.

Lonsdale – How do they stack up?
We all know the big names in the supplement and nutrition industry. Met RX, Matrix, Optimum Nutrition, Lonsdale. The sponsors of all time greats like Joe Calzaghe & Muhammad Ali, have a range of Lonsdale Supplements, Whey Protein, Mass Gainers, Vitamins, Fat Burners & Creatine. Whatever you could imagine in the supplements industry it seems to now be covered by Lonsdale.
I am not going to review success rates or specifics in this article, as I feel it is right for you to try for yourself, and share your views. Retail Ltd is not likely to be your first port of call for supplements, or even your last. Not because they are poor, or overpriced, but simply because you don’t know about them. You may be surprised by the range and value of products on offer, at a fraction of the price of your high street supplement sellers. Where many suppliers offer only there own brand of products, at you can browse from a large selection of the well known brands, or try something new. You may be a fan of Active Woman Fat Burners, or have seen your best results using Maximuscle Promax Whey Protein. These market leaders and firm favourites amongst athletes and bodybuilders alike, are complemented by the up and coming Lonsdale Supplements. Lonsdale Whey Protein is almost 50% cheaper than it’s Maximuscle equivalent and Biosynergy Thermogen is 2p more expensive per tablet than Lonsdale Thermo Attack Fat Burners.
All I intend to give you from this article is honest facts. We all know flavor & results are subjective to personal experience and opinion, but one thing that cannot be argued, is the value and range available at If there is demand I will provide more articles on individual products, but for now, I leave you with this…
“If you want results, Train hard, Eat well. Prove it”

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Casein

This serves as a bit of a follow up review after my nightmare I had with BodyBuilding Warehouse’s casein , which even about 2 months after purchasing I cannot stomach.
This has been the only product that a company had me hooked on after sending me a free sample !

There is not too much to say about this product but this is my favourite casein on the market at the moment.
Providing 24g protein 1g sugar and 1g fat you are looking at a pretty decent clean protein source providing over 9g of BCAA’S and Glutamine per serving. The BCAA rich formula leads to this being a perfect anti-catabolic shake for times of fasting (usually at night).
Now pretty much everyone reading the will know what casein does and so I won’t bore you with that again and what you really want to know is how much it costs and how does it taste?

Well cost wise this shake is somewhat of a luxury and many peoples budgets don’t stretch to allow casein use as you can get a pretty similar effect from ingesting whey and a fat source to slow digestion.Full rrp on this product is £84.99 for a 55 serving tub which as you will probably agree is pretty ridiculous , however you can usually find it for around £50 which is not too bad. Optimum Nutritions website currently has it on offer for £52 with a free t-shirt (they accidentally sent me 2 !).
If you can find this casein for under £1 a serving I definitely recommend trying it! On a side note I usually get mine from for £49.99.

The main reason I recommend it so highly is that compared with a top nutrition profile it tastes like a dessert , I always buy the vanilla creme so please comment if you buy other flavours but mixed with less than suggested water and eaten as a mousse after being in the fridge for a while it tastes awesome.
My favourite thing to do is mix it with natural peanut butter and eat chilled before bed , I look forward to this every night!

Comparatively you can find casein’s with better nutrition (e.g. Reflex Micellar Casein) but I personally don’t believe you can beat the value and taste of Optimum Nutrition.

Get your views down in the comments ,especially if you have tried the other flavours and rate this product to help others !



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PSS Supplements NXTGEN Review

PPS Supplements NXTGEN is a complex protein blend shake , it contains whey concentrate ,micellar casein ,soy isolate ,milk protein and whey isolate.
As you can see it is a 5-1 blend that will provide a quick hit of protein and some time released animo acids from the casein.
This being a blend allows you the flexibility of using this shake at any time during the day to aid recovery although the high whey concentrate ratio means it is best suited when a quick source of protein is needed ,for example on waking or post workout.
The nutrition in this shake is pretty impressive with 26g protein and only 4g carbs per serving .In addition to the the already pretty low fat content is actually containing MCT’S and essential fatty acids . So most of the fat in this shake is actually beneficial to optimum health.Also as many good companies are doing now PPS have added digestive enzymes and pro biotics to ensure decent digestion and a healthy gut. An impressive Animo Acid profile is also a big plus !

An all round complete protein it seems.

The only issue I have with the nutrition in this shake is the fact that many of the top quality ingredients are boasted about but it is left out that the 3rd out of the 5 protein sources is in fact soy isolate ,which is a cheap and inferior protein, this may not seem like too much of a problem to some but It worries me slightly that it is listed above the Milk protein and the Whey isolate.

When we come to taste it tends to be relatively subjective .Although I had a strange experience with the flavours , it seemed as though they all had this taste that I had not experienced before. Weirdly enough this taste actually made one of the flavours really nice and another pretty unbearable to me.
Personally I would not recommend the banoffee flavour as it simply tasted like a chemically enhances banana shake , however the chocolate was an absolute pleasure to drink and this taste i talked of actually seemed to only make it more enjoyable. It was not like any chocolate shake I had tried before but it left me wanting more !

The price of the product is reasonable too , at £43 for 64 servings you get your moneys worth however as most of you know if you search around on the internet you can find protein products for slightly less per serving. Definitely worth a try a this price!

Ok , So overall a new protein product from what I believe to be an up and coming company. This may not seem to jump out at you as a product but it is a solid staple in a weight trainers arsenal. This is PPS Supplement’s standard protein powder but they have much more to offer so keep an eye out as we will be reviewing their All-In-One and mass gainer .

Let us know what you think .



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BBW Premium Casein Probiotic

I just wanted to make my very contrasting opinion on BodyBuilding Warehouse’s Casein Probiotic shake .

I will keep it brief as there is not much to discuss .The long and short if it is that the nutrition in this product is pretty awesome , a casein that contains 22.5g protein and 1.5 carbs is great . Many casein powders seem to have an unnecessarily high carb ratio which for many can prove a problem , especially as casein is primarily utilised before going to sleep. The excess carbs when not needed can be stored as fat or even provide unwanted energy at this time. This may not be a problem for some but others a nightmare !

So along with the great macro nutrient ratio the Amino acid profile boasts a plentiful and long lasting supply which is going to feed your body slowly through times of rest and/or fasting aiding recovery well.

I do not want to judge the whole of the series of Probiotic Casein by the Choc Cookie Crunch I tried and the reason for this is I find it hard to belive there can be any more shakes out there that taste this bad! Especially when BBW claims that this series is “ridiculously delicious”!
I tried consuming as a shake and as I usually have my casein ,as a mousse . It was horrible , soap with a hint of caramel is how I would describe it !
Again I want to reiterate that I cannot speak for the other two flavours but personally would not risk trying the others after this experience.

To slightly sweeten this product, the price is pretty good , at £39.98 for 70 servings you are getting a good price per serving . But for me it was 69 servings too many to handle.

Please comment and tell me the other “delicious” flavours are better if you have tried them .

Let us know what you think



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Gold Standard Nutrition Chicken Review

Being a Supplement review company we are a little out of our depth here in an almost food critic article , however when given the chance to try some Gold Standard Nutrition’s chicken we jumped at the opportunity!

There is not a huge amount we can say about chicken really but I will tell you all you need to know before you decide to try it.
I will start with what I believe to be the best thing about the company and that is the sheer convenience of the whole process from them bagging up your chicken to you eating it.
The 2.5kg bags we received contained 21 breasts and each breast contains around 30g of protein .They were all very similar sizes so it was clear to see that there had been effort to have a set portion size. The chicken comes frozen and steam cooked so you can literally defrost it and eat it!
This over the couple of weeks I trialled it was massively convenient and saved me so much time.

My method of choice was a quick defrost in the microwave then pop in the lean mean grill for about 30 seconds to colour. This I found gave the best taste and texture ,although towards the end of my time trying it my grill broke and I was forced to eat it straight out of the microwave .I have got to say I was pleasantly surprised , it tasted as if it had been cooked in any other way , so I began doing this, which from my freezer to my plate probably takes about 6 minutes defrosting ,which is just enough time to cook the broccoli.
The breasts themselves actually tasted really good too , considering the were microwaved they were fresh and enjoyable to eat . They are a little salty but I assume that is needed to preserve them.
I personally have a very boring diet but clearly these can be added to anything and you can get adventurous with them and there are recipe suggestions on the Gold Standard website.

When purchased your chicken comes courier delivered in special insulated boxes to ensure complete freshness.
Ok so , how much does it cost ? Well a 2.5kg bag will cost you £19 which in itself is a great price but the more you order the less it costs per kg ! you can get 5kg for £36 or 10kg for £68 (if you have freezer space!)

On a final point the chicken used is none of this caged up ,animal abuse chicken , it is “carefully sourced from the highest standard of farm assured factories all of our partners facilitate in BRC (British retail consortium) approved facilities.” Which will be a weight off some peoples minds.

So clearly I enjoyed my time trying this product and during the time cooking my meals was made so much easier and now I hate the though of going back to buying normal chicken and wasting my time cooking it .

Let us know what you think .



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Procore by Ripcore Nutrition

Procore from Ripcore Nutrition is a time released protein blend that contains a massive 8 differnt protein sources.

I have been using the strawberry flavour of this protein powder for two weeks now. Firstly I want to look at what is important , the nutrition and quality of the product. As you can see from the picture of the label we are looking at a pretty substantial powder , one that recommends a bigger serving than many and in turn provides more quality nutrients per serving .With a massive 59g of protein per serving this product will get you well on your way to hitting your intake numbers! Low carb dieters need to watch out though as per serving we are consuming just over 8g of carbs almost all of which is sugar , this can be taken either way and the pros and cons of this fact will depend on the diet you are following. Clearly not a good product for a low/no carb diet ,however if this is not a problem the sugars will simply enhance protein uptake especially post workout and will provide your aching muscles with the nutrition they need in high doses. The fat content is kept very low despite the big serving size. The Amino acid profile is this shake is something to boast about as it is very comprehensive and substantial leading to increased nitrogen levels and ultimately lean muscle gain. A final note on the nutrition is the addition of a vitamin and mineral blend which only adds to the holistic nature of this shake.


I tend not to discuss mix-ability anymore as any shake that doesn’t mix nowadays shouldn’t be on the market. Procore mixes very well even with very little water , it does have a slightly thick and grainy texture to it but it is when mixed like this that it tastes the best .Possibly not a flavour for those who do not like it sweet but I enjoyed it . Strawberry flavour wasn’t particularly fruity but more of a strawberry/caramel hybrid that to me was a treat to drink !


Finally on to the price , this product sells at £44.99 for a 2.27kg tub which is a very reasonable price and considering the nutrition is great , only concern is that if you stick to the large serving size you will only get around 30 servings ,at this price per serving you may expect to be buying an all-in-one product with many other ingredients included. So if price is an issue maybe cut the serving in half and then it becomes pretty reasonable price wise whilst still containing a decent amount of protein per serving(around 28g).

Try it out at

Let us know what you think and be sure to rate the product below!




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Ripcore – Hypercore -Pre Workout Igniter

Coming Soon.

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ActivLab UK BCAA Xtra Drink

ActivLab BCAA Xtra is “The very first amino acid preparation in the form of a canned drink !”

ActivLab are the first company in the supplement game producing products like these ,the research and development that produced this product was so thorough and challenging that the manufacturing and canning process has in fact been patented by the brand.

The two main issues the team came across while developing BCAA Xtra were the formula clumping and separating , however these are not a problem in the final product.

I have been testing this product for a week and have generally been consuming two cans a day , one on the half and hour walk to the gym and the other during my training session . I have also drank a can first thing in the morning and a few times during periods without food.

Each can contains the optimal ratio of 2:1:1 ,Leucine :Isoleucine:valine. Thats 4g of BCAA per 250ml can . This is a very good concentration of amino acids and will aid recovery and prevent muscle breakdown when consumed at any time of the day . In addition to this the drink is carb and fat free , which is a weight off anyone trying to cut’s mind.

Its convenient just to throw a couple cans in your gym bag and be on your way and no need to mess around with loads of powders ,pills and extra shakers ! Saving you time ,effort and thought !

The only issue I had with the convenience aspect was that when in the gym and using during workout (as most BCAA products are designed for ) the can becomes an issue . I have knocked one over , my training partner had knocked one over and a random guy searching for plates knocked one over ! This is why most people take shakers or bottles in the gym , as most people are way too consumed by their workout to worry about my open can. I did eventually resort to decanting a couple cans into a shaker .

Despite this criticism it has come to my notice that Activlab do produce a very similar bottled amino acid product , which we will be looking at soon.

Ok , so the taste . The first can I tried I ,strangely ,wasn’t overly impressed .however after this I really enjoyed the taste , especially when in the middle of a session , I very much look forward to the refreshment of BCAA Xtra ! It tastes better than any other amino acid powder I have used and doesn’t have that chemically taste that so many do . It is slightly carbonated which very much adds to the overall refreshment , although did have issues with burping during a few sets !

This is by far the best product I have tested in the BCAA category so far , it is just a shame that you need so many cans for one session , the fact there is only 250 ml leaves you thirsty after the first half an hour and so on a few occasions I reluctantly filled my shaker up with my old BCAA drink to compensate.

Great for long sessions, recovery and periods without  nourishment  !Overall it is clear that this product ,when it gains some recognition is going to change the market and we will probably see many more on the way trying to imitate what ActiveLab have achieved , but until then they are the market leaders in prepared BCAA drinks. I was thoroughly impressed and the few criticisms I have are mostly logistics that may well be solved by the aforementioned bottled product .


Let us know what you think and wether you have tried this product.

If you would like to try go to


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Animal Cuts Review

Animal cuts could be seen as one of the original Hybrid Physique changers !
As with most of its animal and universal cousins the Pak’s are filled with pills , and this is no exception , necking all of them is as difficult as usual! We tried this product for 2 weeks with interesting results.
It is a thermogenic like many of its competitors , When used increases in energy are experienced body temperature will increase and individuals will sweat more than us

ual !
It is also a diuretic , Mostly due to the dandelion extract included in the Pak, this leads to a more defined and grainy look , obviously you may be running back and forth from the loo more than usual ! This product also claims to boost thyroid and metabolic function in order for more fat to be burnt during exercise .
When we sampled this product it lived up to some of the claims but not others ! It most defiantly lead to water loss , and we did notice a better look in the mirror but believe it was mostly due to the diuretic properties and not a lot else . The energy boosting that is claimed was present but it did not seem as effective as many pre workouts or even M-Stack (also from animal).However we are aware the effectiveness of stimulants is very subjective.
After using we concluded that this is ideal for a quick fix , for example if you want to look good for a holiday or a photo shoot as it you notice the effects very quickly but we don’t believe the effects are very permanent , and so it seems that the initial grainy look achieved was due to water loss and not due to substantial fat loss . If you want permanent results look elsewhere !

Let us know what you think


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